FROM THE BAND: *NEW SINGLE* Glitter & Dirt coming out March 20th!

Hey Guys! We've been busy! I'm happy to announce we are releasing a BRAND NEW SINGLE- "Glitter and Dirt" on March 20th... Along with our FIRST EVER music video! Check out the teaser here and stay tuned! 

LOCAL SPINS: Ty Beat fashions soulful new electronic music with singer Hannah Rose Graves

The Grand Rapids DJ and electronic music producer debuted the new project for Local Spins on WYCE, which also premiered tracks by Melophobix, Jonn-e, The Journeymen, Phabies, Sundry and more. Read more>

LOCAL SPINS: Grand Rapids singer Hannah Rose Graves: The Local Spins Artist Spotlight

An “unharnessed force of light and energy,” the up-and-coming West Michigan singer-songwriter oozes soul, blues and rock with spine-tingling passion. She plays Feedback 2013 on Sunday at Founders. Read more>

THE RAPIDIAN: Hannah Rose Graves - "Love Shocked"

Local blues/rock/soul singer-songwriter Hannah Rose Graves shares a new song with her band in Studio X live on 88.1fm WYCE. Read more>

LOCAL SPINS: Hannah Rose Graves’ new band unfurls new songs, ‘great live energy’: Local Spins on WYCE

The Grand Rapids group which plays a Saturday night showcase in Kalamazoo lit up this week’s radio show, which also boasted new tracks by Brutes, Flint Eastwood and more. (Podcast, video) Read more>

GR MAG: Hannah Rose and the Gravestones Play Founders

Hannah Rose Graves, lead singer and founder of Grand Rapids-based band Hannah Rose and the GravesTones, has been singing since she could speak. Whether she exercised her talent in choir or theater, Graves has always sought opportunities to sing. Read more>

"Hannah Rose Graves has a voice that rides through her bones, from her toes to her tongue, through her cells and through her blood. She sings like someone who knows how short her time is. She sings with her whole life. Her band Hannah Rose and the GravesTones are a cross pollination of Funk, Blues, Country, Jazz, and Rock n Roll- with SOUL. It's the type of music that stops people's conversations. It's the type of feel that people who love music wait for: the real thing."
-Noah Haidle, Screen-writer of Stand Up Guys 

"Soul-soaked, heart-drenched, and deeply inspired, Hannah Rose and the GravesTones’ sophomore album, Awake in a Dream, is a bold foray into the funky, rhythmic refrains of a foregone era. Anchored by the steady groove of indulgent basslines and resounding drums, each track is draped in decadent horns, sizzling guitars, cutting organ, and lush pianos. Hannah Rose Graves wields her voice like a paintbrush, dipping into the well of her soul and painting vibrant strokes onto a diverse musical canvas. Plunging into the depths of human existence like a vivid portal to another dimension, Awake in a Dream grapples with the polarity of life’s surreal experiences, both nightmarish and dreamlike."
-Ricky Olmos, Musician and Music Writer

"Her passion is just intense. She’s an amazing performer every time; she pours her soul into it. It’s an absolute joy playing with her. It’s phenomenal to watch the passion come out of her every night."
Justin Wierenga, Grand Rapids multi-instrumentalist 

"The blood, sweat and tears of an ambitious first-time endeavor show up in so many of the songs that unfold on “Everything We Already Knew.” This is music with a fiery soul. You can hear it in the lyrics, in the emotion-drenched voice of Grand Rapids singer Hannah Rose Graves, in the intricate and intense guitar solos of Justin Wierenga. But mostly this debut by Graves and her longtime guitarist (recorded at Matt Ten Clay’s Amber Lit Audio in Grand Rapids) is a much-anticipated showcase of the singer’s soulful, bluesy approach on a diverse batch of original songs – many of which audiences have embraced for years at jam-packed venues such as Billy’s Lounge, Founders Brewing and SpeakEZ Lounge and some of which hold promise as fetching, radio-friendly singles. More important, it’s the sort of project that could serve as a launching pad, heralding even more fruitful endeavors to come. 
-John Sinceviks, Publisher & Music Writer at Local Spins

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